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The Torser technology.The scientific basis.

What is TORSER ?

TORSER represents the first portable device which ensures bio-informational protection human being against the radiations electromagnetic and other radiations, worked out and produced in Ukraine, based on last technology in the field of the physics of quantum, namely the interaction of the axial fields.

According to the newest researches and experiments, it was discovered that, during the operation of computers, TV sets, mobile phones, microwave ovens, electric transport, radio-telecommunication systems, and of other electrical devices, it is present a left torsion field – component of the electromagnetic radiation -, which is harmful and severely affects the energo-informational structure of the human being..

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that just because of these electromagnetic radiations appear the first common symptoms as: ocular itching, headaches, acne, balding, somnolence, depressive states, nervousness, decreasing of the sexual appetite, etc.

The newest studies in the field of bio-physics, realized by the Institute for Public Health, confirm that these symptoms, in a relatively short period of time, lead to the most severe diseases of the immune, endocrine, psychic, and reproductive system. Among these diseases one can mention: psycho-emotional disorders; cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, dermatological, uro-genital, cancerous diseases, etc.

The TORSER equipment provides a complex bio-informational protection to the human being against the very noxious influence exerted by the electromagnetic radiations emitted by all the electrical devices.

The TORSER generator is protected by an international patent (WO/040859) in 84 countries, and the operating principles by 10 special patents in Ukraine and USA.

Also, TORSER has numerous international diplomas, and was called "The Best Invention 2001", "The Product Of Year in Ukraine".

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