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About a problem of users protection from negative influence of electronic tehnique.

Compania Neotek. Ucraina

Anatoly Pavlenko (Ucraina)

Autorul: Anatoly Pavlenko Data publicatiei: 13.04.2007

At present time in the world and particularly in Ukraine were developed advanced technologies allowing to minimize the negative influence of various types of radiation, which fact has a national significance.

Patents were taken for devices for user’s protection from the negative impact of the torsion radiation of PC displays, TV-sets, cell phones, Earth’s geopathogenic zones, radiation of electric motor-cars’ equipment on drivers and passengers, etc. The decisions to grant patents for the arc welding method and metal microstructure correction method were obtained.

The TORSER device for PC user protection from the negative influence of torsion fields generated by a PC is far-famed in Ukraine.

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